Multipool - A Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Altcoin mining pool.

Multipools dumping Doge

Multipool- A pool of miners that automatically mine the least difficult, most valued and easily tradable cyptocurrency, at that time. These pools automatically! switch between coins as they become more valuable to mine. One of their favorites just happens to be Doge, alongside aurora and litecoin. They do this to maximize their daily mining profits. These coins are then automatically! sold for bitcoin on an exchange; dumping said coins for whatever they can get at the time! <-- For those that don't know :)
If a coin becomes the target of this, its value can be pushed down significantly! At the same time said coins difficulty increases because of the huge surge in hashing power by these multipools. Making it more difficult for dedicated miners. In fact, this has completely destroyed smaller coins before. <-- If you look at the difficulty chart here, you will notice that it looks like a saw. This is because we are being targeted repeatably by multipools.
These pools are causing our mining difficulty to jump from 900 to 1200 repeatedly (70gh to 100gh, global hashrate) This is a 25-30% increase over the entire global hashrate of all of the doge being mined everwhere!!
i.e. lets say we mine 360 mil Doge a day(what I saw quoted awhile ago) and 25% of that is being sold as soon as its mined. That would roughly be 90,000,000 coins being sold and dumped immediately!
So vast amounts of doge are being traded automatically for bitcoin and driving down our value. If you put a massive supply of anything to sell on a market, the supply outweighs demand and the price falls Thankfully, another halvening is just over a month away. This will make sure that we aren't one of the most valuable coins to mine and as such wont be targeted by multipools! Well, at least not until our value goes way up! If you can, buy doge now!, You will never see it this cheap again after the next halvening in april.
tl;dr Stoopid multipools! I shake my fist at thee!
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1st Monthly Unitus Community Update! (October/17)

Welcome to the 1st Official Unitus Community Update! The community update will be released during the 1st week of every month from now on.
What is Unitus?
Unitus is about bringing together smaller crypto-currencies and the communities that support them into a larger group capable of greater change, influence and innovation, whilst allowing each to maintain their own unique identities.
Who is Unitus?
Unitus is compromised of a bunch of passionate individuals who really want it to succeed. It is not one single person or entity. It is whoever is apart of it. The developers, team members, volunteers, investors, community and whoever else. We are all equal here and everybody is treated as such.
What is the direction of Unitus?
The direction is all about improving UIS in any fashion possible. The development, mining, marketing, exchanges, branding, the community and anything/everything else.
Things on the current roadmap have been going smoothly. Core Wallet Update
We are happy to officially announce that the major project for 2017, an update of the codebase of Unitus is complete! Unitus was initially based on bitcoin core 0.9.3 , which is now 3 years old. We've been working hard to rebase Unitus on bitcoin core 0.14.2, which brings some significant updates including:
Some of these changes are immediate, others are network level changes that will be introduced as more people adopt the new client. Key to all of this is compatibility with existing wallets and network nodes, thus major new features that are available in Bitcoin have not yet been enabled. We will evaluate in the future what features to enable, depending on what occurs upstream.
Release of the new wallet, including pre-compiled binary files for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Raspbian are out now!
We're also working on a major re-styling of the wallet, to give us a unique identity.
Paper Wallet Generator
Just released a little while ago, this is now available at
Electrum Wallet
Preliminary work on an Electrum port for Unitus has started. This will give people a faster and light-weight option instead of the full core wallet.
Other development projects
All of these are included in our current roadmap, work on these is on-going:
A new, updated roadmap will also be published soon with other projects for the future.
Unitus Mining Pool -
Always popular with Argon2d miners, the mining pool has been encountering a few growing pains recently, but we're working hard on that to ensure high uptime and maximum rewards!
We are glad to announce that MasterZeus, has just updated and released the UIS Argon2d calculator.
We've also implemented merge mining support, allowing us to mine other coins that share on of our proof-of-work, and then exchange those coins for more UIS. This has proven to be popular for Skein miners, and we're looking to add additional coins across the spectrum of algorithms.
What is merge mining?
Merge mining is what sets Unitus apart from many other cryptocurrencies. It allows us to essentially get free hashrate to secure the network, with no additional workload for miners. The miner does nothing extra. He just works away looking for those good hashes. The brains of the operation is in the pool, but the result is the same work for the miner with higher rewards, coins coming from both wallets, and network security for Unitus at no extra cost. Everyone wins!
Coins you can currently merge mine with Unitus
Adzcoin (ADZ) ArcticCoin (ARC) Artex (ATX) AuroraCoin (AUR) Beach (SAND) Beonpush (BOPS) Bitcoin Planet (BTPL) Bolivar (BOLI) Bows (BSC) CannabisCoin (CANN) Centurion (CNT) Coexist (COXST) Coino (CNO) CopyPasta (CTRLV) Dash (DASH) Digibyte (DGB) Eryllium (ERY) Fal (FAL) GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Granite (GRN) Happy (HPC) Influxcoin (INFX) Join (J-x-11) Kash (KASH) Kurrent (KURT) Linked (LXC) Marijuana (MAR) Marx (MARX) Mavrodi (MMM) Mind (MND) Monetary Unit (MUE) Myriad (XMY) Ofw (OFW) OGN (OGN) Ozzie (OZC) PIZZA (PIZZA) Prime-XI (PXI) Seven (SEV) StartCoin (START) Vault (VLTC) Verge (XVG) VertCoin (VTC) VirtaPlus (XVP)
And growing!
You may have noticed that there are a few different colored UIS logos floating around the internet. Black chains and multi colored chains. Well, we are officially announcing that in a branding effort, the color Grey will be our main color. The official Unitus logo will be Grey on white. We feel that it is clean and neutral look. Grey on black will also be used for other UIS related headers, images and such. Other promotional material that is already out may still be used.
Unitus has had solid development for years, but has lacked a bit in the marketing department. Now that we have committed on the branding, we can ramp up the marketing. We have just hired a new member to the team ~6 weeks ago, and he has been doing a good job on twitter getting attention and followers in the mean time prior to the news announcements in this thread.
In a marketing effort, we would like to officially announce the creation of the United Crypto Alliance (UCA)! It will consist of Unitus and other cryptocurrencies that are merge mineable with UIS. The goal of the (UCA) will be to promote each other, therefore creating a synergistic effect that will benefit everybody involved. We would like to formally introduce Myriad (XMY) as the 1st member of the (UCA) besides Unitus! Stay tuned for more information regarding this!
The community has been growing at a very good rate recently. Ever since we picked up our social media activity last month, we have been accruing a good amount of Slack members and Twitter followers. Right now we have over 400 total Slack members and over 1100 twitter followers. The Slack channel has been a lot more active recently as a result. You can get a pretty fast response to a question asked there. We currently have some very intelligent and friendly members. You can currently reach us at these places and we are also currently expanding to other platforms which will be announced.
Website: Twitter: Reddit: ANN Thread: Slack:
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My prediction 26 days ago...

26 days ago... I called it
Like I've said before in this post. This market is heavily manipulated. Some people have hundreds of bitcoins and it isn't difficult to move the market when you have that kind of purchasing power.
This current downtrend was due to the following chain of events: 1.) No major news for dogecoin. 2.) Multipools cheating out other pools by snagging high value blocks. 3.) AuroraCoin stealing some of our thunder Another predicton of mine when it was at $20 and climbed to $93/AUR.
With no major news events, new members dropped. Keep in mind there isn't anything to base a currency on other than news articles and membership! That's even true for bitcoin! So in this bizzaro world, No News is Bad News. Secondly we had multipools gaming the system to obtain more dogecoins. This in turn lead miners to leaving the game because it's not fair, or rigged. This leads to a drop in hashrate which many speculators see as a trend in how valuable a coin is. Put this all together and you get a perfect storm for whales to create a dump.
But a funny thing happened. The price hit 103 satoshi's and 20 to 30 bitcoins were dropped like a hat causing the price to rise. It's now almost at 120 satoshi's (THAT'S A 20 FREAK'n PERCENT PROFIT PEOPLE!).
But why? What changed?
The Mods announced a fix to the problem and the whales took that as good news. They easily dropped a substancial amount of bitcoin buying up while everyone else was panic selling.
So what's my next prediction?
Either doge will drop under 100, or it'll remain in the low 100's until the next big news comes along (expect a pump a couple weeks prior to the halving). Either way it's sticking around. 70,000 shibes don't go quietly into the night my friend. They bark loudly and wake up the neighbors who have to wake up early to take their kids to school the next day.
Stand tuff doges.
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Vert Play: Day 1

Hello Vertans!
As we zoom past 4k subscribers and the price fluctuations are dying down, I would like to start up a semi-daily update on certain issues/ideas brought up by the community, as well as links to important links,crowdfunding, etc.
Somedays, these may be just some key points about some things going on, others I might be able to go in depth on an issue.
Today, I would like to address what Vertcoin is, what it's about, and why a lot of us see it as a contender for the crypto-top-spots.
A very skilled group of individuals that you can read all about at and the community of Vertans here on reddit and at the official vertcoin forum: .
Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency/digital currency that exist on computers through mining the coin using your computer and transactions with others via the vertcoin wallet .
So a currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin? What makes it special?
Vertcoin is similar to these coins in that they are cryptocurrencies that exist online and through paper wallets. Vertcoin also has 84 million coins, which is the same as Litecoin but different from Bitcoin(21 million) and Dogecoin(100 billion/milliard). Vertcoin takes a huge step in the direction of the true spirit of what a cryptocurrency should be : decentralized .
Vertcoin accomplishes this in a few main ways:
  1. No pre-mine: this means that the community has the same chance at mining the coins as the developers themselves.
  2. ASIC-Resistance: All coins that are not ASIC resistant can be mined used these super miners that create an extreme amount of hash-power towards mining the coins. These means that the wealthiest individuals interested in mining will be able to centralize the currency to where they control the mining. Instead of using the same algorithms as Bitcoins(SHA-256) and Litecoin and Dogecoin (Scrypt), Vertcoin uses Scypt-N which uses its "Adaptive N-Factor" to keep Vertcoin decentralized by increasing the memory over time. This means that instead of the other crpytos which are at a fixed amount of memory that allow ASICs to be able to target. This means that Vertcoin will be profitable over time through CPU mining which usually accomplishes very little with other cryptocurrencies.
  3. Multipool resistance: Most altcoins are subject to huge mining groups jumping on them when they become low difficulty and high value. This causes instability in coins and allows this big pools to take over the hash power and weed out the smaller miners. Vertcoin does something different by changing or "retargeting" the difficulty after ever block. This means that as soon as a multipool jumps on for a block, the next block a different coin would be more profitable because the difficulty would skyrocket and then go back to normal the block after they leave (block time: 2.5 minutes).
Anymore questions can be answered by asking here after checking the sidebar which is full of information.
Now for the part I will be doing daily to compile important links and information from the day:
This is going to take some practice and probably some name-calling before I can perfect what I want this to be, so suggestions and fixes are much appreciated. :D
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A letter to the newbies in cryptocurrency, listen up! Learn from my mistakes and get a couple of my personal favorite utility tokens to invest and stake in

When I first heard of cryptocurrency, I thought my friend had gone MAD! He told me about Bitcoin and he suggested I buy at least one: “It’s the future of money” he said. At the time, Bitcoin was $125 dollars each token. A couple years later, he started talking about beginning of the Internet of things (Ethereum). Half of the time he spoke, it sounded like a foreign language to me and I found myself zoning out of the conversation. My friend encouraged me at the time to invest in this new Ethereum when it was .99 cents. He encouraged me to just buy $1000 worth. At the time, I had just graduated college and hadn’t secured my job yet, so I politely declined his help in acquiring it for me. That didn’t stop him though. Every time we hung out, that’s all he talked about! Months later, he suggested a bunch of people pool together to mine for Bitcoin. I finally listened this time (I had money this time since I secured a good job) and gave him $1000 to find a Bitcoin block. He found a block the next day and asked me if I wanted to cash in or possibly double my money and look for another block. I decided to gamble and we both spent ALL our money and found no block. Had I cashed out, I would have had 9 Bitcoins (worth $110,997 USD currently).
The first lesson here for noobs is this: please don’t think your friend is crazy for talking about cryptocurrency, because it is very real and very good. So good and powerful that now the governing officials want to know how to get in on this valuable asset! Sure you will see FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) spread throughout everywhere but you need to understand that all this fear spreading is because a few whales (millionaires/billionaires) want to get richer, so they pump and dump (make the price go waaay up by buying lots of stock, then dumping it suddenly-bringing the price down, then using channels to spread fear that IT’S THE END OF CRYPTOCURRENCY!!! SELL SELL SELL!!
The second lesson is this: HODL. If you get in, you've gotta keep calm and be able to ride the rollercoaster. It's extremely volatile at times with all the FOMO AND FUD. THINK LONG TERM. This digital era-our future is just getting started. Sure we will have to find a way to weed out scammers, fraud and comply with regulations and such but ask yourself, why wouldn’t anyone want to get in on an asset currently worth 6 BILLION DOLLARS?
So far in the story, I have invested $1000 and lost it. I could currently be holding over a hundred thousand dollars profit. (what’s our lesson? Again, don’t shrug this crap off!) Next, he starts ranting about a company called WINGS DAO. By this time, I felt burned by the loss and started tuning him out again. At the time, I believe the token was selling for fewer than 10 cents each, but he wouldn’t stop encouraging me to get in. He had sooo much passion for it that I decided finally after hearing about it for 6 months to sell my wedding ring from my recent divorce and invest the cash into WINGS token. I bought the tokens, signed up for a account and deposited my tokens into a smart contract (a hack proof safe place for digital currency). There they sat for another couple months as I ignored him telling me to use my wings token to forcast on up and coming ICO’s (initial coin offering). When he told me about ICO’s, it sounded like a scam. Basically, it was companies building on the Ethereum blockchain; and it all sounded shady to me, so I ignored him as long as I could (but this time I lived with him temporarily in transition from my divorce)but he kept encouraging me to forcast and I finally gave in and did the necessary steps to use my wings tokens to forcast and evaluate the second company on the Wings Dao platform (which was ADEX at the time). (btw-forcast means you stake your tokens, evaluate the company and predict what they will raise in their initial coin offering to the public to raise funds to start up their company). Wings Dao pays wings token holders REWARDS MONEY (see for details or get on their Telegram channel) **if you don’t have a Telegram-get one. It is the best way to listen to the chatter. Anyways, long story short here, I missed the first ICO, which was Bancor, which is currently valued $7.55usd each! Some forcasters, even with 1000 wings made A LOT of money. For a real life recent example of a reward paid go to: or a blog on all the Wings Rewards so far:
Last lesson here, get some wings and forcast on ICO’s. Last year, 2017 was the year of the ICO. Wings had 14% of all the ICO’s raised funds on their platform! This is still a ground floor opportunity as they are still not in beta version for their platform and on Ethereum mainnet, they are still in pre-beta which is slow slow slow and you have to have some serious patience in getting paid rewards and getting the site to load. HOWEVER, you can get a taste of the finished product at (do not send any real money here, it is only a test version for you to play around with for when beta goes live NEXT MONTH!). They are finishing all of their audits, then they will be ready to launch (and my guess is the crowds will follow then). Oh and it’s worth mentioning, you never lose your wings for getting things wrong, you just use gas on the ethereum network to process your transaction.
My last blog mentioned WingsDao’s recently ended forcast for AURORADAO, and that is also a ground floor opportunity to invest in a really good working product and team for rewards and passive income. Please see my last blog for details on IDEX/AURORADAO for more information. It’s worth mentioning that IDEX is a decentralized exchange (meaning, us people run nodes or programs on our computers to run their network). There’s lots of details on all that, so feel free to research about it but know it is really the best way to keep the power in the people’s hands. You can also visit Aurora/IDEX chat channel on Telegram or their website for more info
Here’s a link to the IDEX blog:
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Best Bitcoin Mining Pools in 2018 Bitcoin mining pool - tutorial - YouTube How to start BitCoin Pool Mining on OS X Aurora mine bitcoin free Get free 100 ghs mining bitcoin Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Pools Explained  Best ...

Merged Mining Pool for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, and other alternate cryptocurrencies. ... Total AuroraCoin Paid: 531,212Last Block Found: 2,207,329: Avg. Time To Find Block: 0 Hours 0 Minutes: Time Since Last Block: 8876 Hours 39 Minutes: Current Round Shares: 39610624 * Current Round Luck : 53.27% *Equivalent difficulty 1 shares: Top Hashrates - AuroraCoin. Rank Handle/UserId KH ... List of known Auroracoin pools (AUR) SHA-256 PoW algorithm. Live hashrate distribution, pool fees & minimum payment comparison. Mining Pools & Block Explorer . ASIC - SHA256. MiningPoolStats. Toggle navigation. MiningPoolStats # × AUR/USD : 7 Day. Market Cap : $ 24h Vol : $ Difficulty : 6 Months. Block Height : Avg. Block Time : Hard Fork : Reward Halving in : Tweets by OfficialAUR × Small ... Auroracoin (AUR) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency launched in February 2014 as an Icelandic alternative to bitcoin and the Icelandic króna. Auroracoin (SHA 256) has 6 mining pools and uses the SHA 256 algorithm. Auroracoin (AUR) (SHA-256) mining • Auroracoin mining calculator • Auroracoin mining profitability • Auroracoin network information • Auroracoin mining algorithm • Reward for Auroracoin block • Auroracoin mining difficulty • Auroracoin mining pools • Farm (equipment) for Auroracoin mining • Video cards for Auroracoin mining • ASIC for Auroracoin mining. Merged Mining Pool for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, and other alternate cryptocurrencies. ... Total Auroracoin (SHA256) Paid: 106,646Last Block Found: 2,207,567: Avg. Time To Find Block: 0 Hours 0 Minutes: Time Since Last Block: 7959 Hours 53 Minutes: Current Round Shares: 4459776 * Current Round Luck : 66.10% *Equivalent difficulty 1 shares: Top Hashrates - Auroracoin (SHA256) Rank ...

[index] [13948] [7626] [17758] [19157] [31751] [28202] [42364] [15951] [36183] [12264]

Best Bitcoin Mining Pools in 2018

Today, I'm going to show you how to start pooled mining in Mac OS X. Links to websites mentioned in this video: The Software: Link cloud mining bitcoin: 100 ghs free after registering. Cloud mining bitcoin automatic. Video proof payment: Hi guys This Bitcoin Mining Pool is 100% LEGIT, No fraud!! -----... Bitclubnetwork ist ein großer Mining Pool. Das Bitclubnetwork zahlt die Mitglieder jeden Tag je nach Art von Membership in in bitcoin aus. Das Bitclubnetwork zahlt die Mitglieder jeden Tag je ... is a popular block explorer bitcoin mining pool. This tutorial will demonstrate how to mine bitcoin on mining pool. #bitcoin #miningpool #cry...