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PSA: scam warning! - MillionBitcoinCash (MBCH, claimed POS fork)

Time to blow the whistle on what looks like a large scale scam being prepared to resemble a fork of Bitcoin Cash to a Proof-of-Stake coin. I've decided to call this out before they make a wider social media push so that fewer people will be deceived.
It's unclear whether the intention is to defraud or just to cause reputational damage and FUD / confusion on Bitcoin Cash. I will refer to the whole scam complex of websites and social media accounts by the acronym 'MBCH'.
NOTE: To prevent accidental visits to their sites, I will break up suspected scam domain names in this post by inserting spaces or otherwise mutating them.
Most domains used by the scam that I saw so far were insecure (all HTTP, no HTTPS). They might contain exploits - use extreme caution and preferably only inspect via a secured browser over TOR in throwaway VM or similar setup.
First I came across was this announcement by fresh user 'MBCH' on the trusted forum :
That referred plainly to source code on Github, forked ABC and Classic binary packages, and the reddit user / u / MillionBitcoinCash who has published a FAQ and made a link post to the millionbitcoincash dot com site:
First, I had a look at the code repository on github, and it was immediately clear that it's not a fork of Bitcoin ABC nor of Bitcoin Classic, but of Novacoin. The change history emanates from a single dump with no development history of the changes, so its changes are obfuscated. I did see glaring renaming omissions in crucial packaging files and funny errors such as a copyright notice by the MillionBitcoinCash developers with a date of 2014 in the license file.
The second thing that becomes clear immediately after looking at the published code is that it cannot be used to produce the binary packages, which are therefore produced from closed source.
It's easy to search the github code to look for the fork block height, 8MBblock size cap and SIGHASH_FORKID replay protection which the FAQ claims this MBCH is implementing.
No surprise - this was all not implemented in the published code on Github. There's no way the sources there meet the stated claims.
I think that's enough for the obvious technical clues that this is a scam, or at least not deserving of anyone's trust.
They operate both .com and .org versions of the domains, and host differing binary packages (the ones linked on announcing post differ from the download links on the org site).
Both Windows files are detected by Ikarus scanner on as containing a trojan. This is just a single report however, and may be a possible false positive. Take extreme care though. The Linux and OSX files are not flagged by VirusTotal, but who would be running closed source cryptocoin software anyway.
I've posted a scam alert on with some more details that I didn't mention here (probable deceptive use of logos of HitBTC and Bittrex, among others).
As stated there, I believe this will be used in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Bitcoin Cash and supporting organizations.
I think it is also designed to discredit further Bitcoin hard forks at this critical time (with Bitcoin Cash gaining adoption, and SegWit2x coming up as well).
What I hope is that we can make people sufficiently aware and that no-one will fall for this elaborate scam.
Again, please use extreme caution when visiting any of their sites. At the very least your traffic will be in plaintext, and they could log / exploit your browser. Their binaries are not open source, exist in conflicting versions and could be exchanged for malware at any time as they do not publish the checksums.
Stay vigilant and safe :-)
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Asking about copyright of these symbols, phrases, fonts etc.

I'd like to submit a design for clothing and accessories. The company makes something unique and really cool, I have been their customer for about 2 years and I'd like to be one of the artists.
My design is about Bitcoin. It will feature candlesticks, the Bitcoin logo, the phrase "Buy the dip" and the font used by Bitcoin (Ubuntu Font Family).
As for the candlesticks, I will not use a screenshot from TradingView or some exchange, I will personally make them in Photoshop.
I posted this on the Bitcoin subreddit, but they recommended to make a post here too. I should mention that Bitcoin is an open source project, not a company, nobody owns it and the logo is open to the public. I believe I can use all of these for my design, but I want to be sure. Is there any website where I can search for copyrights and trademarks associated with these symbols/logos?
If anyone knows, are any of these copyrighted? Can I be sued for the commercial use of them? I have seen t-shirts and other stuff with the Bitcoin logo and "Buy the dip" everywhere, have these guys acquired rights to produce and sell these products?
I live in Albania (Europe) and the company I will submit my design to is American (offices in Los Angeles)
This is an excerpt from their rules about designs: Designs: You are responsible for any designs you post. Please make sure that you have a strong understanding of copyright law. Any designs submitted using images that you don’t own commercial rights to use are your responsibility. If you submit a design that is infringing, you will be responsible for the fallout. This includes brushes, fonts, stock images, etc. Works that are inspired by someone else’s IP (such as shows, movies, books, etc) have a HUGE potential for copyright infringement, and will most likely get rejected outright.
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1st RDAD Retro-gaming contest !

Welcome to the first RDAD Retro-gaming contest

A bit of History:


As someone could imagine, we need an emulator for play this game (maybe you are lucky enough to be the owner of the real machine.. but nah.. chances are 0,1%). So let's talk a bit of techie details.
There are many emulators that would run nicely the game. These emulators needs a ROM file (An exact copy of the data stored in the original hardware cards inside the arcade machine). Of course, you will need a computer to run the emulator.
In this point, We will tell you that your computer needs very few requirements for run the emulator, so don´t be afraid of your machine's specs.
I'll recomend you to use this emulator: Kawaks
Kawaks is a software designed for Microsoft Windows that would run seamlessly on a wide variety of environments, spanning across all operating system versions since XP. It's higly customizable, but pretty straightforward to get things run.
There are others emulators, like Callus, but Kawaks would work better with your graphic card (whatever it be) and the screenshot feature is easier than Callus. We will need to take screenshots, with whatever emulator you use, because this is the way to post your score, right? This point will be discussed later.
The second component, is the rom. This file contains the whole game. You don´t need to open or decompress this file, it's ok as is, so you only need to download to a folder on your computer.

First Step

You need to download the emulator and the rom. For emulator, go to winkawaks website. Under "downloads" option at the right column, you can download a zip package called 1.63. For the contest, is enought to extract the executable file called winkawaks.exe to a folder.
For rom, you must search using google or similar to a file called (1.4mb). Romnation is a website that offers rom files for direct download.
NOTE: Downloading this type of files could be a Copyright Infringement and I am not responsible whatever damage you could do to your system if you download this type of file. If you are not sure what are you doing, please, do not try to complete this guide.

Second Step

After downloading the Rom file put winkawaks.exe and rom file to a folder on your hard drive (we will need this folder ahead, so keep in mind this detail). This is a pretty straightforward process. ATTENTION: Keep the rom zip file as is, decompressing is not needed. After that, you must execute this: WinKawaks.exe This is a portable version of the emulator, so you will not need to install anything on your computer.

Third Step

Ok, I feel your excitement, so double click!. The emulator will show you a message about auto-configure the optimal graphics options. After that, you are in the main screen with the SNK and CAPCOM logo.
Let´s do a quick tweak, head your pointer to File Menu, and then: Configure Paths.
We will see a bunch of paths, but we are looking specifically at two under labels: ROMS2 and SCREENSHOTS. Clicking on browser buttons will bring you an explorer and you will choose this: ROMS2: Find the directory where you uncompressed the whole thing on Second Step. SCREENSHOTS: Choose your directory where the snapshots will be saved for further use. THIS IS IMPORTANT Because the contest relies on your ability to post those screenshots.
We have time restraints, lets play! DAMN!. Point on File Menu -> Load Game. A gorgeus windows open in your eyes with a great lists of fine game for mature adults, but dont feel too excited, we only have one, CARRIER AIR WING, remember?, so let´s do some filtering setting the bulleted options to: Only available and then: Refresh. Does you see the game title? Yes? C'MON Put your speakers to 200% volume and double click! YaY!
I will not explain you how to play, it's self explanable after 20 seconds.. choose your plane and pew pew pew..
And thats all! Nice? yes!

The contest

Ok, After finish the setup and play the game, let's talk about the contest. This will run a whole week starting at XXX and finishing at XXX Every time you die, you will be asked for your initials, and you will see the top chart. In this moment, TAKE A SCREENSHOT WITH THIS KEYS: CTRL + P (Only for Kawaks). This will spawn a PNG file on the directory set on Third Step under the label SCREENSHOTS. This is your entry to the contest. You must send a link to the PNG file (by imgur i.e.) to me and I'll collect all. Win the player with highest score.
Additional Info:
You can use whatever emulator of your choice, maybe you'd prefeer callus, or mame.. or play with a modded Xbox.. but I don´t know how to get screenshots on those ways. Additionally, we could accept any format that you are capable of snap the score chart. So set your smartphone ready, right? If you use CALLUS, take in mind that you need to lower your screen deep colour to 16 bits and you will be able to take a screenshot with Windows: PRNT SCREEN key.. Callus is easy, but this is a pain!
What if the score chart hides after 2 or 3 seconds? Wait until the intro. The machine will show you the current chart. (Did you remember the alert about clogging the machine with coins? This is because the machine will not show the chart if coins inserted, so you must expend all the coins prior to see the chart again).
Can I use my USB pad! well, some pads works, some could try it under the Game menu, Redefine Keys.. and try it.
NOTE TO CHEATTERS: Due to the nature of emulators is more than easy to make cheats in game, like spawn more lives, slow down the pace, etc.. So we strongly encourage our participants to not do any cheat. We don´t cheat! right?. Well, in this point I want to say that there are better systems to play due to keyboards, gamepads. We cannont warrant a perfect balance between contestants, so please, don´t take things too serious, NefariousOaf will win, isnt?. Oh, it's possible to "continue" the game using the 2nd player slot, but this will be considered as cheat!, so only one live!
Using USB pads will not be considered cheat. Keys works flawlessly, but due to the wide spectrum of hardware available, maybe your keyboard will not work nice, so feel free to ask and I'll try to find a solution, alternative keys, etc..
At last! Feel absolutely free to ask me any details involving your set-up, mechanics, whatever..
Special Thanks to jpier for his help! he's a good man.
UPDATE at 05/10/2015
Update First Step: Removing direct link download due to copyright concerns. Update Second Step with new details about ROM and Emulator and the way it works. Update Date Format to dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy on Post's dates.
Pew pew pew..boom!
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After Effects Template: Bitcoin Logo Pack - YouTube How to draw a bitcoin logo - YouTube Bitcoin Logo Background Screensaver Backdrop - YouTube How to draw the bitcoin logo - YouTube Logo Bitcoin Background Screensaver Backdrop - YouTube

Bitcoin logo vectors. We have 375 free Bitcoin vector logos, logo templates and icons. You can download in .AI, .EPS, .CDR, .SVG, .PNG formats. Do you need a bitcoin logo for your business or ICO? Try the BrandCrowd bitcoin logo maker to create your own bitcoin logo, altcoin logo or cryptocurrency logo design. Just enter the name of your bitcoin business and our logo maker can generate bespoke logos just for you. Ready to start? Try it now! Markets Business Politics Search. Bitcoin SV’s New Logo Looks Suspiciously Like the Original BTC’s . By: Samantha Chang No Comments ; Published: 2 years ago → Markets News; Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) unveiled its new logo on the 10th birthday of bitcoin. Perhaps not surprisingly, BSV’s “new” logo looks suspiciously similar to that of bitcoin — the original cryptocurrency. The ... Wissenswertes über Bitcoins Unser Bitcoin Chart zeigt Ihnen den aktuellen Bitcoin Kurs in Euro (Kürzel: BTC und XBT) sowie die Bitcoin Kursentwicklung (Bitcoincharts).Wenn Sie Bitcoins kaufen möchten, können Sie sich hier anmelden.In unseren FAQs und in unserem Tutorial "Mein erster Bitcoin" erfahren Sie, wie Sie Bitcoins verkaufen oder kaufen können. bitcoin logo trademark Trademarking Bitcoin. and therefore would require a disclaimer when registering a trademark containing “Bitcoin” at the USPTO, the attorneys says. zarobic w forex market x pattern Trademarking Bitcoin. and therefore would require a disclaimer when registering a trademark containing “Bitcoin” at the USPTO, the attorneys says.

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After Effects Template: Bitcoin Logo Pack - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Bitcoin Logo Black with a White Background Screensaver Backdrop 2 hours FULL HD Bitcoin Logo White with a Black Background Screensaver Backdrop 2 hours FULL HD 💳 MasterCard logo: 💶 Euro symbol: 💷 Pound symbol: 💵 Dollar sign ... GET IT HERE: Great soundtrack you can find: