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Link Collection - All Recent Core Team Communications (incl. Roadmap)

Last updated: Mar 29th, 2018

2 important things first:

General Note

Table of contents

  1. Communications
  2. Guides & Instructional links
  3. Key people to follow on Twitter
  4. Dash Core is hiring
  5. Quarterly Summaries
  6. Notable Core Team Proposals
  7. Dash Whitepapers
  8. Dash Technology Peer-reviewed
  9. Addendum: Misconceptions on Dash cleared up


  1. The birth of Dash's Governance: Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain
  2. 'We're Doing the Planning That Takes Us to 1 Billion" - Ryan Taylor, Dash Director of Finance
  3. The philosophy behind the DASH reward split by (now) Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor
  4. Dash's Ryan Taylor at TNABC Bitcoin Miami 2017 (Best presentation on Dash so far!)
  5. What is DASH & Where Is It Going? 2017 DASH Open House
  6. Hong Kong | Research and Planning - by Evan Duffield
  7. Dash Roadmap to Evolution
  8. How To Enable On-Chain Scaling by Evan Duffield
  9. DFN - Interview with Evan on Dash's Roadmap
  10. Open Letter From Evan and Ryan Regarding Dash Marketing
  11. Wachsman PR - Q2 project closure report
  12. Interview With The Crypto Show! - Evan Duffield
  13. Dash Improvement Proposal No. 1 - DIP001
  14. Important information regarding wallet backups
  15. Dash Labs Network Update
  16. Copay Wallet going into closed Alpha Testing
  17. 1st Annual Dash Conference: London Keynote Professional HQ Recording
  18. DASH – DIGITAL CASH by Robert Wiecko at SWITCH! 2017
  19. Crucial information to all proposal owners: Do NOT use multisig addresses as payout destinations!
  20. Interview With Ryan Taylor, The CEO Of Dash Core Team
  21. Ryan Taylor at the World Blockchain Forum
  22. Ryan Taylor interview with Crypto Trader (MSNBC Africa)
  23. Dash Core Community Update
  24. Dash Core 12.2 Release
  25. Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: „Dash is in many ways a better Bitcoin“
  26. Update from Dash Core on Business Development
  27. How DASH is resistant to retargeting issues
  28. Dash presentation at the Euro Finance Tech in Frankfurt by essra
  29. Link collection of Dash's 2017 achievements
  30. What Is a DAO and Why Is It Revolutionary?
  31. Dash: The First DAO
  32. Welcome Bradley Zastrow - Director of Global Business Development
  33. Interview with Ryan Taylor, IR4 Podcast #12 (January 2018)
  34. Chuck Williams at Anarchapulco 2018 on Dash
  35. Dash Force Podcast E42 with Chuck Williams on Dash Evolution
  36. Evolution Demo #1 - The First Dash DAP
  37. Dash Force Podcast E43 - Feat. Fernando Gutierrez (Dash Core CMO)
  38. Our New Approach to Communications with the Community
  39. Dash Community Q&A - March 29th, 2018

Guides & Instructional links

  1. Dash Developer Documentation
  2. Upgrade Instructions for Masternodes (12.2)
  3. Upgrade Instructions for End Users (12.2)
  4. Upgrade Instructions for Masternodes (12.1)
  5. Upgrade Instructions for End Users (12.1)
  6. Paper Wallet Setup Guide
  7. Trezor Guide for Masternode Operators
  8. 8 Steps to a Successful Proposal
  9. Masternode Boot Camp by solarguy2003
  10. DASH 101 Video Series

Key people to follow on Twitter

  1. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Inc.
  2. Fernando Gutierrez, CMO of Dash Core Inc.
  3. Bradley Zastrow, Chief of Business Development at Dash Core Inc.
  4. Andy Freer, CTO of Dash Core Inc.
  5. Chuck Williams, Head of UX Development at Dash Core Inc.
  6. Robert Wiecko, PM of Dash Core Inc.
  7. Joel Valenzuela, Dash Force
  8. Mark Mason, Dash Force
  9. Amanda B. Johnson
  10. Scott Farnsworth, The Dash Racer

Dash Core is hiring!

  1. Internship at Dash Labs
  2. DashLabs - Trezor Engineer
  3. GPU Accelerator Project
  4. DevOps Engineer @ Dash
  5. Infrastructure Manager @ Dash
  6. Sr. Backend Developer Role @ Dash

2017 Quarterly Summaries from Dash Core

  1. Dash Core Team Q1 2017 Summary Call
  2. Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call
  3. Dash Core Team Q3 2017 Summary Call
  4. Dash Core Team Q4 2017 Summary Call

2016 Quarterly Summaries from Dash Core

  1. Q1 2016
  2. Q2 2016
  3. Q3 2016
  4. Q4 2016

Notable Core Team proposals:

  1. Dash sponsored Blockchain Research in Arizona State University
  2. Conferences - The Trading Show
  3. Money 20/20 in London
  4. Conferences - BTC & Blockchain International Summit
  5. Dash Conference 2017 (London)
  6. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference (Stockholm)

Dash Whitepapers

  1. Original Dash Whitepaper
Note: Previously the Evolution Whitepapers were linked in this section. These papers were written back in 2015 and are outdated, because Dash Evolution has seen a massive re-design and has been developed much further than those papers could have predicted. A new version will be posted here and elsewhere as soon as it is available.

Dash Technology Peer-reviewed

  1. Dash PrivateSend Peer Review by Kristov Atlas and Core Team's Response
  2. Dash Governance Peer Review by IOHK and Dash Core Team's Response

Addendum: Misconceptions on Dash cleared up

  1. What has Dash to offer other than features any other coin could just copy?
  2. InstantXploit? Cool Name, No Threat
  3. "Lazy Masternode" attack theory thoroughly debunked (see my comment)
  4. Hardware vs Software scaling - Why SegWit is not the savior of cryptocurrency
  5. How solid is PrivateSend, really? and Broken privacy promises vs Dash
  6. Dash has better wealth distribution than almost all top cryptos
  7. How is Dash NOT a ponzi scheme?
  8. PSA: DASH is not a CryptoNote clone - DashCOIN is
  9. Discussion/clarification on Dash's opensource approach
  10. Evil Masternode tyrants ruling over us?! and Masternodes in Dash = The rich get richer?
  11. Has Dash's development steadily declined over the past few months?
  12. The major advantage of optional privacy
  13. Ridiculous comments on Dash - by Kurt Robinson
  14. The Dash Masternode Network: A Response to Critics - by Eric Sammons
  15. Analysis of the first day in mining Dash by Ryan Taylor, (then) Director of Finance at Dash Core:
  16. How to Prevent the Hostile Takeover of a Blockchain: Eric Sammons on Dash Governance
  17. Official clarification on the "Instamine" issue (Fastmine actually)
  18. Evan Duffield has no more than 256,000 Dash and will give away 80% of that to fund DAOs within DASH. Follow-up: Part of the funds has already been used to found the Dash Labs research arm in Hong Kong. The lab is fully maintained through Duffield's private funding. No Treasury proposal for it exists.
  19. 10 Stupid Things People Say About Dash And How To Respond
  20. Sporks: One of the foundations of Dash's success
  21. There is no so called "Master Private Key" in Dash and there never has been. Sporks (explained above) have no relation to user funds, as the source code easily proves.
  22. Trolls vs. Users: The Limited Importance of Online Communities
  23. Dash PrivateSend and usage of denomination inputs
  24. Valuable link list from Dash Force member Mastermined
  25. "But Dash PrivateSend has a much smaller ambiguity set! Its privacy is broken!!!"
  26. Succinct refutation on Masternodes "artifically" blowing up the price & Evan Duffield being the only miner at launch
  27. Bitcoin Cash vs Dash
  28. "Dash rebranded from Darkcoin to distance itself from its dark history!!" -> Not at all. Nothing about its history is "dark" and more importantly this thread called "The Birth of Darkcoin" is stickied by Evan Duffield himself on the official main forum.
  29. "Evan Duffield lied about the launch time so he would get an unfair advantage at mining!" -> Quotes from the original launch thread on Bitcointalk: "Awesome! We'll be launching soon. Things are looking good." and "Launch is being moved to 11PM EST!". As the genesis block proves launch took place at 03:54:41 AM (UTC) on Jan. 19th, 2014 or 10:54:41 PM (EST), Jan. 18th, 2014. So if anything it was 5 minutes early.
  30. "But Litecoin is superior to Dash!!" - Really? Let's compare - Here's another sober look at the facts on this issue.
  31. Why Dash is not prone to cluster analysis attacks
  32. How "centralized" is Dash, really? & Which project is actually centralized here?
  33. From the day Dash started trading until late April 2014 anyone had the chance to buy Dash for less than 1 USD
  34. Dash Core developer MooCowMoo on alleged Masternode centralization and PrivateSend
  35. Why Masternodes have no incentive to vote in a proposal to pay themselves a large sum of Dash
  36. What is Dash's competitive edge?
  37. Why saying "Dash is a company" is false: Dash Core Inc., a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona is not the decentralized network called Dash. The network, consistent of over 4.5k globally distributed, decentralized Masternodes decided to hire and fund the company Dash Core Inc. to develop said network. This is the distinguishing property of Dash being a DAO, so it's understandable people have difficulty grasping the concept. Similarly Dash does not have a CEO, while Dash Core Inc. -obviously- has.
  38. Dash does not and never had a "dev tax": Dash has a Treasury and its distribution is being voted on each month. Only those funds that have been approved by the Masternode network go to proposal owners. The Treasury is capped at 10% of the accumulated block reward of one month. There is no central authority non-requested or non-approved funds go to and there never has been. Those funds are simply not created. So you can have months in which only 8% of the budget is being paid out, with the remaining 2% going to nobody due to not being mined.
  39. "B-but Evan Duffield can roll back the last 24 hours of the blockchain with the flick of a button!" Complete bullshit. The key in question refers to requiring a Masternode to re-validate its pre-existing blockchain in order to ensure it's on the right chain. Masternodes have nothing do with putting or removing transactions into or from the blockchain, only the miners can do that, thus claiming someone can "roll back the blockchain" in Dash is a malicious lie and a desperate attempt to make Dash look centralized when it's not. In short: No such button exists, ever existed or will ever exist.
  40. Why the total coin supply was changed or "The 84 million coin"-Question

General notes:

The Dash community is well aware that during most of its history this project has been under attack by competitors, many of which are trying to portray Dash (among many other things) as a failure. This is oxymoronic, because nobody hates on failures, especially not for 4 successful years in a row.
If you want a quick history lesson, here's a comment I made on where the Dash hate originated from back in 2014
Another, longer history lesson
Remain skeptical towards sensational accusations without evidence. Our community is helpful, knowledgeable and more than happy to answer any questions, as we have done many times on this subreddit. Still, we're all only human, have limited resources and we're just one project among many (always among the top, though!). Stakeholders and investors of other projects will always have an agenda to smear what they perceive as competition (I have yet to see our community actively go after other projects, though).
Just remember the Bullshit Asymmetry: "The amount of energy required to refute bullshit is at least an order of magnitude larger than to produce it." So it would be very unjust to expect a refutation on the spot all of the time. Prefer taking the initiative by asking the community directly about the claim you're confronted with. This community has proven many times to possess the integrity required to admit to technological shortcomings, but at the same time we'll never hesitate to call out illegitimate claims and accusations, of which there are many, for what they are.
The most common and most empty attack is "Dash is a scam".
More importantly you have to ask the critic just this one question: Who was scammed? The answer usually consists of complete silence or attempts to change the topic. This may sound all very defensive to someone who has never experienced the kind of FUD Dash has faced over the years, but the falsehoods we've refuted above are still being perpetuated by a very lonely but also very loud minority.

Not an ICO project

Regarding Dash's finances: Despite what many people assume influenced by the ICO insanity of the recent past, Dash did not have an ICO and Dash does not depend on 3rd party funding/investors. It is self funded from the blockchain and thus an entirely independent organization that does exactly what it wants, not what any angel investors want us to do. Dash is the first currency in history to achieve that.

Quick incomplete rundown of Dash's features

In fact Dash pioneered almost every single one of its features making it one of the most prolific innovators in the cryptocurrency space. Before Dash invented them, none of these features existed:
To re-iterate a previous point:
Dash has been copied by several dozen other projects either completely or through selected features indicating a strong approval of its technology within the wider cryptocurrency industry. The most copied feature by far is the Masternode system and the financial self-reliance it provides.
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Monaco rolls out their App Closed Beta and information on their new investment and credit products on eve of Money2020

Edit: Youtube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HU6rI8QgUQ
Twiter link: https://twitter.com/monaco_card/status/973151374409003008
Medium post: https://medium.com/@monaco_card/monaco-begins-closed-beta-testing-for-wallet-app-reveals-details-of-investment-and-credit-products-f0169b96fdb5
Images from Beta Tester: https://imgur.com/a/TexWx / https://i.imgur.com/d1TUWuk.png
Monaco has released their closed beta app on the eve of Asia Money2020. They are a 5-star sponsor (the highest available along with companies like discover, mastercard, and google).The app is the first step to their cryptocard roll-out and includes both fiat and crypto wallets, management of the card, live tracking of coins, and learning resources.
Who is Monaco? Monaco Technology GmbH with a vision of Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™ is the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform. The Monaco Visa card and mobile app allow users to buy, exchange, and spend fiat and cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether, at perfect interbank exchange rates.
The best part is 2020 starts tomorrow and there is a good likelihood that we will see more announcements during the event.
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Show some support for Max as he tries to travel across America using only Bitcoin! #Money2020

Hello all! There is a unique event going on with Wirex and our buddy Max NEEDS your help! Max Meilleur is a man on a mission: his goal this October, to travel 2,500 miles from the Money 20/20 headquarters in New York to Las Vegas using just crypto.
The Money 20/20 Payment Race has competitors using different payment methods - last year saw participants use contactless, chip & pin, one dollar bills and gold - to test how robust these can be when traversing the biggest economy in the world.
If you think it can’t be done then you’re wrong: last year, Amelie Arras represented women in crypto by completing a journey from Toronto to Las Vegas and she was actually the fastest, taking home the crown in the name of Bitcoin.
Max’s profile for the event is on the Money 20/20 website and he’s on Twitter @maxmeilleur so be sure to show him some love.
Wirex who have a crypto visa debit in their offering are funding his travel so money supply won’t be his biggest challenge. Added to this, a key advantage that Bitcoin holds over the other competitors is how easy it is to transfer funds between wallets.
So, to all local crypto fans, pledge your help to Max if you can and wish him the best of luck!
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My experience with the various Bitcoin ATMs (Robocoin, Lamassu, Bitcoin Briefcase)

So this month I got the chance to interact with various Bitcoin ATMs - I played a bit with Robocoin today, and tested out Lamassu and the Bitcoin Briefcase during Money2020 event. So here are my thoughts on them as well as some other information people are interested in.
So first of all, Robocoin. It's the only one of those that both sells and purchases Bitcoin. The process is a bit cumbersome to start (having to scan your hand a few times to create an account and wait a few minutes for a mechanical turk to verify that it's in fact the right hand and so forth), but after that it's pretty straightforward.
Some people were concerned about the palm scanner (both online and at the location). The developers of the ATM explained that they need to do that since they need to limit one person from buying more than $3k worth per day so they don't fall under AML regulations. They had a choice of scanning your ID, or fingerprints or the palm and they chose the last one since there isn't a database for palms that would link that scan to your identity. Given the restrictions they had to work with, I don't think that was a bad choice. At the same time I know a lot of people are very security conscious and would rather avoid that altogether - both sides of the argument have their fair points.
I talked a bit with the developers of Robocoin as well as listened in to one of my friends ask them some interesting questions about security and other things. All in all I must say they came off as very competent people. They know their technical things, as well as various regulatory issues (for example apparently if someone prints a paper wallet on the machine, loads it up and then sells / gives it to someone else that's creating a derivative market and technically you shouldn't be doing that).
As for the machine itself, I would say it's a little crude at the moment. Since it has so many widgets, scanners and so forth it's easy to get lost in the process of using it. I definitely would like it refined over a few iterations. Other than that, it does everything you'd expect it to do - you can load up your phone wallet through QR scanner, create a paper wallet on the spot if you don't have a wallet yet, and you can buy and sell bitcoins as needed.
Apparently the ATM does Bitstamp rate +3% (I might be wrong about the exact exchange, but I know it's not the Canadian VirtEx, since they were quite unresponsive in communicating with the developers). While the rate might not be that great in comparison to some other ways of getting BTC, but in Canada it's not entirely unreasonable with VirtEx charging pretty high fees by itself.
So overall, Robocoin is an interesting ATM with some good developers behind it, but it needs some more work put in to streamline the experience.
Now about the other two ATMs.
Lamassu is a bit of opposite of Robocoin. It has a small and elegant form factor, has just a camera QR scanner, a deposit slot and a display monitor. You can only buy bitcoins with it. Since it has limited options on what it does, the process is quite straightforward - put money in, scan address and send bitcoins. I don't know how they will be handling the AML regulations - it will be an interesting thing to see what their approach will be once they start releasing their ATM into the wild.
Bitcoin Briefcase has neither the elegant form of a Lamassu nor the versatility of Robocoin, but it's a fun little hack to carry around to get people interested in Bitcoin. It only takes change and pays out into a paper wallet it prints. It has a small display bar, a slot to put coins in, a wallet printer and a button to accept your purchase. It's not really a tool for frequent Bitcoin purchases, but definitely an interesting prop to bring along with to introduce people to Bitcoin easily.
So overall, it's really interesting to see what is being developed in this space. Robocoin is a big machine that might not fit everywhere, so it needs it's own dedicated space in some Bitcoin-accepting business. Lamassu is elegant and small enough to be placed on some extra bit of counter space available. The Briefcase is a neat hack that you can take wherever you go.
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Dogeparty Pulse #5 - The Calm Before The Storm

Welcome back Dogeparty Community! We look forward to posting the newsletter and receiving your comments each week. Keep it up! While news is still relatively slow in the Dogeparty world, it won’t be much longer before exciting new things start coming your way. Without any further delay, read on for your weekly update.

Weekly General Update

Such excite! You’ve been waiting for it! You’ve been asking for it! Development is in the final stages! The Distributed EXchange (DEX) has been enabled on Testnet. Read Dogeparty Services / Projects / Core Updates below for more information.
The fourth Dogeparty Hangout meeting was held last Saturday. All you Shibes are quietly awaiting the release of new tools, and with news being so slow last week, we didn’t have anyone in attendance. As such, the meeting was not recorded. We’ll continue to be available each week at the scheduled time to address any of your questions or comments, and as the news begins picking up, we’ll provide a more specific agenda. Join the next Dogeparty Hangout #5 via Google Hangout. The live meeting link will also be sent out via the Dogeparty Skype room a few minutes prior to the meeting start time.
Wow such currency! DogeCon Berlin 2014 was held late last week. See Dogeparty developer Lars’ presentation at the conference. Lars’ discussion begins approximately 3:11:00 in the video.

In The News This Week

For those of you who missed it, here are some links that will get you up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news:
Cryptocurrency has been a very hot topic in this week’s Money 20/20 Conference being held in Las Vegas. Benjamin Lawsky, New York State's first Superintendent of Financial Services, gave an informative keynote speech in which he explained what’s on the regulatory horizon. He explained that regulatory guidelines are already in place to help businesses determine what rules, regulations, and requirements might apply to their business model, which brings some clarity to the muddy waters. What is crystal clear however, is that virtual currency regulation has yet to be thoroughly vetted out at a Federal and State level, and at that, it will have to continue to evolve as the technologies do. Watch Benjamin Lawsky’s speech.

Dogeparty Services / Projects / Core Updates

The DEX is enabled on Testnet and we need people to test it! The developer would like to hear feedback from the Dogeparty community. Please tell us if anything breaks! Test Dogeparty Wallet on Testnet. View Dropbox screenshot. You just might want to join the Dogeparty Google Hangout this Saturday where this is sure to be a topic of discussion!

Dogeparty Opportunities

Look for the Dogeparty Pulse every Wednesday morning (Pacific time)!
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